Miltary prepared to provide airlift for Pope Francis

Armed Forces of the Philippines is prepared to provide an airlift for Pope Francis in Tacloban. Lt. Col. Mario B. Demaisip from AFP – Civil Relations Group said that a military helicopter was readied if transporting the Pope via land to from Tacloban to Palo faces difficulty.

“Pilots of these military choppers have trained themselves on night navigation so they would be familiar with the route from Tacloban to Archbishop Residence in Palo even if the visibility is poor,” Lt. Col. Demaisip noted.

Government law enforcers and military troops are conducting security rehearsals to be prepared for any situation including worst scenarios.

“We are securing the Pope and head of state of Vatican, hence, security measures are normal and there’s no need for resident to be alarmed with these rehearsals,” the military officer added.