DND sets bid opening for six support aircraft

The Department of National Defense is setting the bid opening for the acquisition of six brand-new Close Air Support Aircraft for Philippine Air Force on February 11, 2015. At least four firms – including Beechcraft, Embraer, Elbit Systems and Korea Aerospace Industries – are interested to join the said acquisition project.

Allocated budget for this acquisition program is PhP4.9 billion.

Philippine Air Force will replace or complement its Rockwell OV-10 “Bronco” turboprop attack planes with the upcoming six brand new CAS aircraft. These aircraft are designed to provide air support to infantry and naval units in contact with the enemy.

A per DND’s technical specification, bidders must present aircraft with dual tandem seating. The aircraft must have a carrying capacity of at least 3000 pounds with five hard points. Aircraft must also have two .50 caliber guns built-in or through pods.