Miriam Santiago performed best in Senate despite cancer

Despite battling from lung cancer, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is still the top performing senator in terms of bills and resolutions filed. The lady senator filed a total of 1,007 bills and resolutions as of December 17, 2014.

Detained Senator Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada followed at second place with 604 bills and resolutions, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on third with 307.

According to Senate, among the measures she filed in 2014 were proposals for the institutionalization of an age-appropriate curriculum to prevent the abduction, exploitation, and sexual abuse of children which are prejudicial to their development; stricter monitoring of bank accounts of politically exposed persons; part-time employment in place of retrenchment; and increasing court-awarded damages for death.

She also filed resolutions asking for inquiries in aid of legislation on the alleged Binay farm; projects by controversial Hilmarc’s Construction Corp.; the constitutionality of the Visiting Forces Agreement; and the series of abduction cases in Makati.

The Senator also led hearings on the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement and the murder of transgender woman Jennifer Laude.