Air passenger bill of rights: A must know

Not all Filipino riding commercial aircraft are aware of their rights. There may be number of air passengers whose rights have been violated but because they are not aware of Air Passenger Bill of Rights – they were not able to fight for their rights.

The Department of Transportation and Communications together with Department of Trade and Industry have formulated the Air Passenger Bill of Rights. This bill is divided into three major rights.

First is air passengers have the right to be provided with accurate information before purchase of ticket. This includes the full and clear disclosure of service being purchased. Specially information on restrictions, rebookability or rufundability.

Second is the right to receive the full value of the service purchased. A passenger who was within the designated check-in area an hour (or time set by air carrier) prior to estimated time of departure (ETD) time shall not be denied check-in.

Third major right is the right to compensation. If the flight was cancelled 24 hours before ETD, passengers must be informed and offered rebooking or reimbursement.

But if the flight was cancelled less than 24 hours, passengers must be offered rebooking without any additional charge or may be endorsed to other airline without paying the fare difference. If applicable, they must be given amenities such as food drinks, and hotel accommodations.

If the flight is delayed at least 3 hours after ETD, passenger must be given refreshments, free phone calls and other form of communications. If the flight is delayed at least six hours after ETD, the flight is considered cancelled and must be offered amenities, rebooking, reimbursement or endorsed to other airline.