Armed Forces renewing commitment to attain ultimate internal peace

The entire Armed Forces of the Philippines is set to “welcome the new year and renew its commitment to its mandate and the Internal Peace and Security Plan: Bayanihan through an annual New Year’s Call,” AFP says in a news release.

The annual New Year’s Call is a tradition were the military and civilian support groups renew their commitment in performing their duties to the entire Filipino people and celebrate the events of the past year and welcome the New Year. The said event is set to be held January 6, 2015 in different headquarters of AFP units.

Internal Peace and Security Plan: Bayanihan of AFP is a participatory strategy to attain internal peace and security.

“While there may be a myriad of threats to our internal peace and security, it is very clear that the Filipino nation can address these challenges through the concerted and united efforts of all stakeholders,” AFP says in the Internal Peace and Security Plan document.