DOTC favors new NAIA terminal than third runway

Department of Transportation and Communications is letting go of the plan to build a third runway for Ninoy Aquino International Airport, instead it is looking into building a new airport terminal. “The consultant (Ruud Ummels) doubted if it could even add additional movements,” Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya.

“Putting a runway that will cross over will affect the main runway,” Abaya said. “But it seems like that the additional terminal in the area will be less disruptive.”

The Secretary said once the report is finalized they will submit the proposed new terminal to President Aquino.

“The consultants said the main thing to do is preserve your main runway, maximize your main runway, try to eliminate all forms of obstructions or delays on it, keep planes off it most of the time,” Abaya noted.

He added that having a new terminal within NAIA property is more cost effective than to acquire new lands to put up a third runway.