Foreigner spits on Manila’s Vice-mayor

Amro Aboud Hassan Eitayeb, a Sudanese national spitted and assaulted Manila Vice-mayor Isko Moreno with an elbow.

According to’s report, Moreno was at Rajah Sulayman Plaza in Malate to set up the stage for Manila’s New Year countdown when he spotted the foreigner crossing a street with the green light for motorists was on.

When apprehended for his jaywalking violation, the Sudanese said “what fucking law” he violated.

According to Moreno he only planned to inform the foreigner about his violation. But as they lead the drunk violator in a safer place, he allegedly elbowed the vice-mayor.

And when brought to the precinct the Sudanese national spitted at Moreno’s back.

The foreigner may be charged of assaulting a person in authority and may be blacklisted by Bureau of Immigration for becoming an undesirable alien.