Armed Forces in transition to territorial defense

Philippine Navy is acquiring more weapons for the Marines that will boost both capabilities of the Armed Force of the Philippines to address internal and territorial security threats.

Navy Vice Commander Rear Admiral Caesar Taccad said a committee is now evaluating shoulder-launched multi-purpose assault weapons (SMAW). Having these will “fill the gaps in the direct fire support weapons capabilities of the Marines against different bunkers, concrete walls, light armor and other hard and ‘soft’ targets.”

Rear Admiral Taccad also said that a study is also being conducted for the acquisition of 60mm and 80mm mortars. “These are portable and high angle indirect fire weapons which can also be reliable in any type of terrain,” the navy vice commander said in a military modernization briefing as reported by government-run news agency.

The entire armed forces is now shifting its focus from internal security threats to territorial defense as evidenced by its recent acquisition projects.

“We are expecting the delivery of several equipment. The main reason they were acquired is territorial defense,” Armed Forces spokesman Colonel Restituto Padilla. “We will use them as we gradually transition so we can include them in our doctrine. That will be our focus next year.”