“We need submarines for deterrence,” Philippine Navy Vice-commander Rear Admiral Caesar C. Taccad said in an Armed Forces of the Philippines modernization briefing.

During the briefing, Taccad said that developing a force with proper support facilities, people and technology capable of operating modern diesel electric submarine takes time. “A rule of thumb is that 10 years is needed to develop such a force,” Taccad added.

“Actually, we forced a submarine office in the Philippine Fleet,” the Navy official revealed.

“If we can afford two frigates that is worth around Php18 billion, we can procure a submarine,” the PN Vice-commander said.

Philippine Navy is currently on the process of procuring two brand new frigates, two anti-submarine helicopters and three gunboats.

“The events in the West Philippine Sea actually gave some urgency on the acquisition,” Taccad noted.