Erap choosing Grace Poe over VP Binay

Senator Grace Poe appreciates Former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada for possibly choosing her over Vice President Jejomar Binay in case they both run for presidency in 2016.’s Neal H. Cruz had a privilege talking one on one with the former President in an event at Manila Hotel, December 11. Estrada said if Poe and Binay meet in the 2016 presidential race he will have a hard time but he will eventually choose Grace Poe.

Estrada cited his close relationship with Senator Poe’s father Fernando Poe Jr. as one of the reason for possible support in case the Senator decides to go head to head with Binay. Supporting Grace Poe’s possible presidential candidacy will be the only way for Estrada to repay FPJ.

When Cruz asked what about Binay, Estrada said, “eh, bahala na siya.”

However, Senator Poe is still undecided to run for the country’s top government position. She said she still needs to prove herself and there are still lot to do.