Binay claims broadcasters paid to attack him

“These broadcasters have signing fees. Each broadcaster is paid for every attack against me,” Vice President Jejomar Binay told media reporters in an event at Fontana Leisure Park in Pampanga Saturday, December 13.

“All your explanations had been blocked. You cannot penetrate. You cannot neutralize these negative reports,” Binay added as reported by

“The media bought the lies that my enemies had peddled. I’m sorry to say this, but what they spent in this campaign is huge. If we will gauge this smear campaign, with Intensity 4 as the strongest, this would have reached Intensity 5,” the Vice President added.

Binay’s approval and trust rating in November greatly suffered according to the latest survey conducted by Pulse Asia.

“These lies had somewhat affected our survey ratings because this is a battle of perception,” Binay said.