OFW beheaded in Saudi Arabia for murder

“We regret to announce that our countryman Carito Lana was beheaded in Saudi Arabia yesterday morning. It was confirmed by the Philippine embassy today,” says Vice President Jejomar Binay, presidential adviser on concerns regarding Overseas Filipino Workers.

“Official notices are sent after the execution,” Binay said in a statement to press. He added that Saudi Arabia government does not give advance notice to convicted prisoners and foreign offices regarding the date of execution.

Lana was taken out of his prison cell at around 9:30 yesterday, Friday for his execution through beheading or qisas. Lana is convicted of murder after killing his 65-year old employer.

According to Binay, efforts have been done to convince family of the victim to enter into amicable settlement and issue affidavit of forgiveness to prevent the execution, however, the victim’s family did not want to.