DOJ warns Smart, Globe on misleading unli internet offers

“While there is nothing wrong with advertisements and promotions, what is promised must be delivered. Our laws require not only truth in advertising but also fairness in packaging and consistency in the provision of the service,” Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima tells Smart and Globe in a 9-page advisory.

Telecommunication giants are offering unlimited internet service, however, they are imposing fair usage policy (FUP) that when a user or subscriber reached the maximum allowed data usage internet service will be throttled.

DOJ now says that FUP on unlimited internet service is inconsistent with the provisions of the Consumer Act of the Philippines, particularly on fair packaging and misleading trade practice and advertisements.

The department also warned that “deceptive business practice” is punishable with fine of “at least P500.00 but not more than P10,000 or imprisonment of at least five months to at most one year or both.”