Espina is PNP officer-in-charge

Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina is the officer-in-charge for Philippine National Police while PNP Chief Alan Purisima is suspended.

“The Philippine National Police continues to perform its public safety and law enforcement functions under a newly-reorganized Chain of Command and leadership structure to meet the ever–growing demand for better and more effective police service to the communities,” Espina said in a speech.

“I urge the 150,000 officers, men and women of the PNP to rally behind the PNP leadership and make every individual effort add to the honor and prestige of the organization,” he added.

“PNP line units remain steadfast to deny criminal elements and threat groups the opportunity to take advantage of the situation that would have otherwise distracted our focus, instead, we kept our bearing and stood firm with stronger commitment to serve and protect our people against crime, violence and oppression,” Espina said.