PHL modernizing naval architecture to maintain global competitiveness

“Nearly a third of the world’s 1.5 million seafarers are Filipinos, comprising the biggest segment of the global mariner population,” Senate President Franklin Drilon writes in introducing an act that will modernize the practice of naval architecture in the country.

“Because of their exceptional skills and outstanding work ethic, the Filipino is undeniably the world’s seafarer of choice. Such dominance translated to about US$ 5.2 Billion in remittance last year, which helped oil the wheels of our economy.”

Drilon said that this act will ensure global competitiveness of Filipino shipbuilders and maintain country’s position as one of the top maritime nation in the world.

“The economic upswing in this sector rests on the appeal of our naval architects, who are highly valued for their proven competence and remarkable diligence,” the Senate President added.

He explained that this act will modernize naval architecture in the Philippines by “updating and incorporating innovations to the existing law, governing the professional practice of naval architecture in line with the latest international practices and standards.”

The bill will be known as Naval Architecture Law if passed and eventually signed by the President.