“We are really taking things, taking certain operations, addressing illegal entry of contrabands, communication gadgets and the drugs trade within the New Bilibid Prison,” Justice Secretary Leila de Lima told reporters.

De Lima added that she already tasked Bureau of Corrections Director Franklin Bucayu to investigate on the alleged two-storey house inside the NBP owned by convicted shabu-tiangge operator Amin Imam Boratong and a swimming pool built at the back of NBP allegedly owned by an inmate known as “Sebastian”.

“I told Director Bucayu that I want to see the report on that right away so I can act accordingly,” de Lima noted.

“All these years, whoever sits as director, I can see they are really doing their job to address problems but it’s more of a systemic problem. That’s why we are really looking forward in the implementing rules and regulations of Bucor Modernization Law,” the justice secretary said.