China: PHL abitration case is unacceptable

Chinese Foreign Ministry released the Position Paper of the Government of the People’s Republic of China on the Matter of jurisdiction in the South China Sea arbitration initiated by the Republic of the Philippines.

In a six part summary of the said position paper, China said that the arbitral tribunal formed at the request of Philippines has no jurisdiction over maritime dispute in West Philippine Sea. It added that China will not accept nor participate in the said arbitration proceedings.

China added that Philippines is not acting “to the common wish and joint efforts of China and the ASEAN member States.” Rather, Philippines wants to “put political pressure on China, so as to deny China’s lawful rights in the South China Sea through the so-called “interpretation or application” of the Convention, and to pursue a resolution of the South China Sea issue on its own terms. This is certainly unacceptable to China.”

“China’s right to freely choose the means of dispute settlement must be fully respected, and its rejection of and non-participation in the present arbitration is solidly grounded in international law,” writes in the position paper.

Moreover, “China’s resolve and determination to safeguard its sovereignty and relevant maritime rights and interests” will not be shaken by the arbitration, it added.