Philippines doing good on corruption index, China stumbles

Corruption remains to be one of the top problem in any economy and government. “The 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index shows that economic growth is undermined and efforts to stop corruption fade when leaders and high level officials abuse power to appropriate public funds for personal gain,” Transparency International chair José Ugaz said.

Transparency International is a Berlin-based corruption watchdog. According to its latest corruption perceptions index, Philippines improves by two points compared to last year’s report.

This year, Philippines is ranked 85th out of 175 countries and scored 38 with 100 as very clean and 0 as the most corrupt. Last year, Philippines ranked 94th and scored 36.

2014 Corruption Perceptions Index shows that Berlin is the most clean government scoring 92, followed by New Zealand with 91, Finland (89), Sweden (87), Norway (86), Switzerland (86), Singapore (84, Netherlands (83), Luxembourg (82) and Canada with 81.

The most corrupt government are Somalia and North Korea both scoring 8. Meanwhile, China is among the top fallers, falling 20 spots and 4 points scoring 36.