Senator Jinggoy Estrada proposed five laws

Detained Senator Jinggoy Estrada, whose 90-day suspension ended, files five bills.

Estrada introduced Senate Bill No. 2476 to protect confidentiality of women and children victimized by violence. The measure seeks to provide substitute address for public records which will be helpful for them to start and lead normal lives, safe and far from their abusers.

He also filed a measure (SB 2477) to define identity theft and penalized offenders. It will also mandate National Statistics Office and the Department of Justice to help victims of identity theft.

Another measure is Senate Bill 2478 that will ensure that all student dormitories and boarding houses are safe, clean and conducive for learning.

Estrada also wants to regulate tattoo and body piercing industry and prohibit minors to undergo such procedures.

The last bill he filed is a measure that will mandate private and government institutions to provide separate functional and sanitary separate comfort rooms for men, ladies and persons with special needs and disabilities.

These measures were already filed during the previous Congress, however, these proposals were not enacted into law.