Senator Marcos: Why do we need EDCA

“US President Barrack Obama has said the United States will not go to war in case the Philippines is attacked,” says Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. “So why do we need an EDCA when we can’t depend on the US for support against foreign aggression?”

During US President Barack Obama visit in the Philippines earlier this year, he said that his country’s commitment to defend Philippines is ironclad. “Through our treaty alliance, the United States has an ironclad commitment to defend you, your security and your independence.”

However, US government has been vocal that it does not interfere with territorial dispute and US military is unlikely to respond when armed conflict sparks in disputed maritime zones in West Philippine Sea.

Senator Marcos added that US war hardware to be positioned inside the Philippines are “clearly not for training purposes but for warfare, then this exposes the Philippines to more threats especially among known enemies of the United States.”