Mayor Duterte pushing for federalism once Constitution is open for change

“I am watching for that – I will immediately push Federalism once they open the Constitution for amendment,” Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said in an event supporting the federalization of Philippine government Monday, December 1.

Duterte said amendment in the Constitution must not be limited to economic provisions. He said we cannot limit things we are supposed to change.

Davao City mayor added that he is not advocating for the federalization of Philippine government for his political ambition. “I do not want to put any political color on this agenda.” He earlier announced that he will not run for higher office in 2016.

“I would rather belong to the other side where we only advocate Federalism without going into politics,” Duterte noted.

According to him, the Philippines may follow government set-up of Malaysia, the United States or the Federated States of the Scandinavian.