Online activist defaced Chinese website, urges to leave Spratlys

Online activist Blood Security Hackers International Family defaced several Chinese websites to deliver a message it claims from the people of the Philippines Monday, December 2.

In a website of Chinese Forestry Bureau, the said group left a message saying, “Leave Philippines alone – the Spratly Islands, belongs to the People of the Philippines.”

While in a Chinese University website, Blood Security Hackers International Family posted a message which says, “Greetings China, we are here to deliver you the people’s message from the Philippines. Stop claiming what doesn’t belong to you! Stop the hunting of our marine endangered species! Go build your own island! Leave Philippines!”

Philippine government, together with other government entities around the world, has been calling China to stop reclamation activities in disputed maritime zone in West Philippine Sea. Philippines already logged several diplomatic protests against China’s unilateral actions in disputed territories.