Streets must be free form irrational people on wheels

“We have to teach a lesson to those irrational people on wheels. We have to keep our streets safe from these people,” said Quezon City Representative Winston Castelo, chairman of the House committee on Metro Manila development referring to Joseph Russel Ingco, the man in a Maserati Marshall who mauled an MMDA officer.

Castelo believes that government agencies must “impose a perpetual ban on Ingco to serve as a lesson for hot-tempered motorists to refrain from unnecessarily venting their ire on traffic enforcers.”

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Chairman Francis Tolentino also stands with his traffic enforcer, saying Jorby Adriatico’s statement are consistent. Tolentino said he opposes settlement between the driver and his enforcer. “Let’s move towards justice.”

The MMDA traffic enforcer tried to take a photo of the sports car while the driver violates a traffic rule, however, when the driver saw Adriatico taking picture he made a U-turn going to the post of the enforcer. The driver took his phone then grabbed his collar and punched him in his face. While grabbing Adriatico the driver drove the car some hundreds of meters.

Ingco is facing serious physical injuries, grave threats, direct assault on a person in authority, and robbery charges.

Joseph Russel Ingco said that he made such actions out of fear. He is claiming self-defense.