Binay: Pacquiao not qualified as my running-mate

Vice President Jejomar Binay views Sarangani Coongressman Manny Pacquiao as too young to be his running-mate in 2016 presidential election.

The people’s champ will be turning 36 on December thus he will be 37 during the May 2016 elections.

It is a requisite for a candidate running for president and vice-president position to be at least 40 years old on the day of election, the constitution says.

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Aside from the Pacquiao’s age, Binay also cited competence and experience. Binay said holding one of the top two government positions in the country needs enough gained skills in governance. It may be hard for anyone to be instantly put in a high position without enough exposure.

However, Binay defended Pacquiao as a Representative. When he was elected as a congressman, many are making fun of him, but he proved himself, the Vice President said.

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