Former radio Host Ghomeshi withdraws lawsuit against CBC

Toronto, Canada – Former radio host Jian Ghomeshi withdrew a $ 55- million lawsuit against the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) on Tuesday.

Ghomeshi was dismissed from his work as a radio host at CBC last month due to complaints of abusive behavior to at least fourteen (14) people. Ghomeshi was fired after lawyers of the famous radio host arrayed videos photographs and text messages that caused physical abuse to a woman. Further, at least nine women complained of harassment and even sexual abuse from the Ghomeshi. And another three (3) women made an allegations of sexual assault against the former host after a third party investigation. However, Ghomeshi defended himself saying, “Everything I have done has been consensual.” Internal investigation is being conducted to Ghomeshi after these allegations made by lawyer Janice Rubin.

The forty seven (47) year old former radio host however, denied the allegations against him. Ghomeshi filed a lawsuit on October twenty six (26), alleging defamation and breach of confidence. The CBC argued in court and urged the lawsuit to be dismissed. Lawyer Howard Levitt had written in the Financial post that everything to do with strategy and PR- but nothing to do with legal entitlement. Ghomeshi will pay the CBC $18,000, but still it will be formalized through a court order by Friday.