PHL should get used to China’s peaceful reclamation projects

English-language Chinese government-run newspaper Global Times said in an editorial, “Vietnam and the Philippines should get used to China’s island-construction in the South China Sea.”

The publication’s writer added that United States who is becoming bias should stay balance and fair when dealing with South China Sea affairs. “The US is even more unwelcome when it acts selfishly. China’s construction on the Yongshu Reef will not be affected by US words.”

Yongshu Reef or Fiery Cross Reef commonly known as Kagitingan Reef is well within the exclusive economic zone of Philippines. It is part of Kalayaan Group of Islands, however, China insists ownership over virtually the entire South China Sea including the claimed territories of neighboring countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, and Taiwan.

The artificial island built over the said reef measures three kilometers long and 200-300 meters wide and could accommodate an airstrip.

The editorial’s writer added that while doing reclamation projects China “have avoided direct conflicts with Vietnam and the Philippines. It shows that China cherishes peace in the South China Sea. China will not take the initiative to compete with Vietnam and the Philippines to get the land by force, although China occupies an advantageous military position in the South China Sea.”

China is believed to be currently doing reclamation projects over several reefs inside Philippine EEZ.