Nine Chinese poachers convicted amid China’s warning

Nine Chinese poachers who were arrested last May of this year are now convicted for violating the Philippine Fisheries Code and Wildlife Resources Conservation Act. The conviction came after China’s warning that arrest of these Chinese is a provocative action and will further damage bilateral relations.

Judge Ambrosio de Luna of regional trial court in Palawan ruled that the nine poachers must pay USD100,000 for poaching and USD2,600 for violating the Wildlife Resource Conservation Act.

These Chinese poachers were caught near Half-moon Shoal, approximately 60 nautical miles from west of Palawan well within 200 nautical miles Exclusive Economic Zone of the country, by Philippine National Police Maritime Group and PNP Region 4-B with over 500 live and dead marine turtles.

During the incident last May, a total of eleven Chinese were arrested, however, 2 minors were sent back to China.

These Chinese poachers were represented by Philippines Public Attorney’s Office because China did not recognized the arrest and proceedings – and did not provide any legal assistance.