Government setting-up 50,000 free WiFi spots across the country

Three billion pesos is allocated in the next year’s national budget for 50,000 free WiFi spots to be set up across the country under Department of Science and Technology’s Public Wi-Fi Program.

These free WiFi spots will be located in 7,917 public high schools, 38,694 public elementary schools, 113 state colleges, 1,118 public libraries, public spaces in 1,490 towns, 85 airports, 41 seaports and 69 LRT, MRT and PNR stations. WiFi spots will also be placed in government hospitals and agency offices.

“The reason behind this is that if you’re a son of an OFW and you would like to Skype with your father who is in the Middle East because a member of the family has been stricken ill, then you can do it within the hospital premises,” Senate Finance sub-committee chair Ralph Recto said. “Or if the hospital staff would like to transmit patient data, then there’s a facility for that.”

“If our vehicular highways are congested, then we should tap the information highway and we can telecommute if the infra is there,” Senator Recto added.