Mercado challenges Binay in a public forum

Former Makati Vice-mayor Ernesto Mercado wants Vice-president Binay to face him in a public forum so the people may know who is lying or telling the truth. If VP Binay is not willing to face him in Senate he is challenging him in any stage anytime.

The former Vice-mayor is currently out of the country for a vacation. However, if Binay accepts his challenge he is willing to return to the Philippines immediately.

According to Mercado he is willing to answer all allegations being accused against him by Binay’s camp.

Vice President Jejomar Binay’s camp claims that Mercado owns several undeclared properties measuring at least 800 hectares all in all and registered under his children, wife, second wife, daughters- and sons-in-law and siblings’ names.

The properties include the 100-hectare Underwater Garden Hotel and Resort in La Jala, Coron, Palawan; the multimillion-peso resort Villa Juanita in Coron, the one-hectare Grand Villa Pateros in Barangay Aguho, Pateros, and the JMK Professional Manpower Solution Inc., which is registered under the names of Juanita Mercado and Karla Pascual Mercado.

UNA interim president and Navotas City Rep. Toby Tiangco said the other properties allegedly owned by Mercado are the 200-hectare Grand Villa and Butterfly Center in Los Baños, Laguna, the 500-hectare Hunter Valley Plantation and Resort in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, the Nitz Face & Body Care Center in Barangay Aguho, the Lawndale Finance Co. (LFCI) in Cabanatuan City, the St. Therese Multi-Specialty Services Inc. in Makati City.

According to Tiangco, Mercado also owns properties in West Rembo, Makati and in Laur, Nueva Ecija and a poultry farm in Palayan, Nueva Ecija.