AFP: We know were Sayyafs are, we will definitely corner them

Abu Sayyaf Group headed by Radullan Sahiron suffered a major loss during the Friday encounter with government forces, Malacanang and Armed Forces of the Philippines believe.

Intelligence report said approximately 30 bandits were heavily injured last Friday, while 10 were reportedly killed. “Because of their wounded, they can’t just go down [from Mt. Bunga, Talipao, Sulu] and escape. We know where they are and we will definitely corner them,” Joint Task Group Sulu commander Col. Allan Arrojado said using Filipino.

The clash between government forces and Abu Sayyaf bandits also resulted to the killing of ASG sub-leader Hairullah Asbang. While five soldiers sacrificed lives.

Western Mindanao Command Capt. Ma. Rowena Muyuela said “this is a good opportunity because the soldiers cornered the group. We believe that because of this we will have a good accomplishment in the law enforcement operation.”

“It was my recon elements led by Lt. Dante Espiritu who spotted the bandits in a makeshift hut. He radioed to me that they will initiate contact as one of the bandits unknowingly approached their position to relieve himself,” 1st Scout Ranger Company comabat leader Lt. Michael Asistores said. Minutes after the confrontation the recon group asked for reinforcements.