Iloilo Convention Center ‘whistle-blower’ wasted Senate’s time

The so-called whistle-blower, former Iloilo provincial administrator Manuel P. Mejorada, for the overpricing of Iloilo Convention Center wasted the time and money of Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, Liberal Party SecGen and Samar Representative Mel Senen Sarmiento believes. He added that the allegation is baseless innuendos.

“The only basis of Mejorada in claiming that there was overpricing on the construction of the ICC is the Wikipedia and flawed mathematical formula. It would be a real waste of time and money for the Senate to continue investigating this kind of an allegation,” Sarmiento said in his statement.

He also compared the allegation to Makati City corruption complaints. “The allegations made against Vice President Binay and his family are based on testimonies, documents that even include pictures and the expert opinion of third-part experts.”

“Clearly, the Senate must continue the probe on the allegations of corruption in Makati but there’s no reason to do the same in the case of the ICC,” Sarmiento added.

While Senator Miriam Santiago believes “that person (Mejorada) should either be held in contempt or should be warned that if he repeats this kind of behavior, he should be held in contempt for wasting the time of the Senate.”

“He was given the opportunity to speak at the hearing, he said he did not bring any evidence that he just trusted Twitter, Facebook, or that he listened to gossip in Iloilo City,” Santiago added.