After Presidents meet: PHL, China positions on maritime dispute did not change

Days after the meeting of Chinese and Philippine Presidents, both countries are still firm on positions. China is standing with its sovereignty on virtually the entire South China Sea while Philippines is pursuing with its arbitration case filed in the international tribunal.

“China’s position on territorial sovereignty is consistent and clear-cut. We are resolute in safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Chinese Foreign Ministry said. “Meanwhile, we stay committed to resolving disputes with relevant countries through dialogue and consultation in an effort to jointly maintain peace, stability and development of the region.”

“The Philippines continues to seek a peaceful and lawful solution. We are pursuing arbitration, promoting the full and effective implementation of the DOC (Declaration of Conduct) and pushing for the conclusion of the COC (Code of Conduct) at the soonest possible time,” President Aquino said in a plenary session with ASEAN leaders including United States, Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Russia.

“Once everybody’s entitlements and obligations are clearly defined, then there is no reason for instability. This will benefit not only our region, but also the global community.”

Aquino also said he had a meeting with Chinese President while in China for APEC. “We agreed to work on improving relations between our two countries,” President Aquino said. “I believe that relations can be improved without sacrificing our advocacies, including efforts to clarify maritime entitlements through arbitration.”