Boeing wants to play a greater role in Philippine aerospace industry

In a statement, Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C. said that American aircraft manufacturing giant Boeing wants to gain greater role in Philippine aerospace industry which is currently dominated by Airbus Industries.

Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. met with Boeing officials in its Everett Factory near Seattle.

Director of Product Marketing Dave Kell of Boeing Commercial Airplanes said, “the 777 is the most suitable aircraft for long range North American routes such as those of Philippine Airlines.”

Kell noted that Boeing 777 is one of the most in-demand aircraft in the market at present. He added that 69 customers ordered 1,805 units. Kell believes it is the most preferred, most reliable and most valued aircraft in the market.

John S. Schubert, Managing Director for Marketing for Asia Pacific and India, said that orders for aircraft in the next 20 years will grow. “The demand for aircraft in Southeast Asia over the next 20 years will reach 3,500 units valued at $500 billion.”

In the Philippine, with 141 commercial aircraft currently on service, only six are from Boeing.