Government forces running after Abu Sayyaf discovered marijuana plantation

Government forces in Sulu who are running after the Abu Sayyaf group discovered PhP500,000 worth of marijuana plants at Sitio Kabugan, Barangay Pantao, Maimbung, Sulu morning of Wedenesday, November 12.

Joint Task Group Sulu consisting of police and military operatives uprooted 130 full-grown marijuana plants which are two to five feet high.

“The operations yielded around 130 grown marijuana plants with an estimated value of half a million pesos,” Joint Task Group Sulu commander Col. Alan Arrojado said.

The task group believes that it is possible that Abu Sayyafs are operating the plantation. It is possible that the terror group runs the marijuana farm because they are drug users.

Uprooted marijuana plants were properly turned over to Maimbung police for disposal.

Government forces in Sulu are in operation ‘Chicken Run’. Law enforcement activities in Sulu forced civilians to leave their houses to secure their lives.

“I have advised my villagers from the far-flung areas to descend to the lowlands for the meantime while there is an ongoing effort to run after the lawless elements,” Sumisip Mayor Gulam Hataman.