President Aquino, Xi Jinping finally talked on maritime disputes

President Benigno S. Aquino II had a brief meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping while attending APEC Leaders’ Meeting in Beijing. The opportunity came after a tree planting activity held at the Summer Grounds of the International Convention Center near the Yanqi Lake.

“We are very happy in the sense that it’s the first time that we’ve had direct contact with them after I met with President Hu Jintao previously,” Aquino said. “So it’s a nice opening. Hopefully, it will lead to something concrete.”

According to President Aquino, Xi Jinping expressed hopes that Philippine side could return to the basis of the previous consensus, and go in the same direction as China to deal with the relevant issues in a constructive way, and to create conditions for the healthy development of China-Philippines relations. A Philippine government news agency reported.

“And I said we are looking for constructive ways. I emphasized our primary function, and we presumed their government’s primary function, is to improve their people’s lot or lot in life,” the President said. “I emphasized that in any dispute, any conflict does not enhance our ability to concentrate on improving the lot of our people, so there is an agreement on that.”