Vice President Binay calls off debate with Senator Trillanes

Vice President Jejomar Binay, on his 72nd birthday, calls off debate with Senator Antonio Trillanes IV scheduled November 27. I don’t want to continue with the debate, the Vice President said in an ambush interview using Filipino.

The VP said that Trillanes has been talking about Binay’s advantage as a debater and an attorney. “That’s what I don’t like. They’re making it seem that I’m a bully who’s taking advantage of him. My advantage, if ever I do have one, is that I want to talk about the facts.”

Binay added that he’s decision is final.

Senator Trillanes is not surprised with the VP’s decision. According to the senator, vice president’s decision only proves the country’s second highest official cannot keep his word.

“I was hoping against hope that he would somehow find the courage,” Trillanes said.

He added that Binay’s reason is “the lamest excuse you can ever get from anyone.” “For somebody like him who wants to get even, that’s an opportunity for him to put me in my place. Nobody’s going to buy that (Binay’s reason for backing out).”

The cancelled debate focuses on: Is the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee hearing on Binay justifiable? Are PDAF and DAP legal? Does Binay own the Batangas farm? Is the Makati City Hall Building II overpriced?