Traffic enforcer selling rice cakes receives commendation from MMDA chairman Tolentino

Metro Manila Development Authority traffic enforcer Fernando Gonzales who became popular on social media for selling rice cakes on streets received a commendation from MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino Monday.

After Traffic Officer Gonzales’ video became viral on social media he was called to the MMDA head office in Makati City. Chairman Tolentino said his office will find a way to promote Officer Gonzales.

According to those who have personally encountered the officer, the rice cakes he was selling is made by his wife and the money will go to his children’s tuition fee. He has two children – one in college and the other one is in high school.

Gonzales graduated criminology and has been with the MMDA for more than 20 years. He admitted that he sells rice cakes for extra income instead of extorting money from motorist.

According to Officer Gonzales, he sells rice cakes during his days off however, occasionally he had to do it while in uniform in case there is an unexpected change in his shift.

Jerome Bolivar, Gonzales direct superior describes him as very hardworking.