Senate President says VP Binay requested to stop investigation

Senate President Franklin Drilon said in an interview today, Monday that President Aquino relayed to him the request of Vice President Binay to stop the Senate investigation on the alleged overpriced Makati City Hall Building 2.

The President called me and relayed request of VP Binay to stop the investigation.

Drilon replied to Aquino, “Sir, you were part of the Senate before, you know nobody can dictate on the senators what to do, especially when the matter of when to start and to stop an investigation is addressed to the chair and members of a committee. Not even the Senate President can tell them to stop.”

It is up to the chair and members of the committee. Drilon added that the President “just relayed in a straight forward manner the request.”

According to him, President Aquino replied and said he will relay Drilon’s response to the Vice President.

“The President can’t also dictate on the Senate when to start or stop a hearing,” the Senate President noted.

Drilon emphasized that “the President just relayed the request of the Vice President.”