Nancy Binay, Erap against Binay-Trillanes debate

Senator Nancy Binay wishes her father Vice President Jejomar Binay who is celebrating his 72nd birthday on Nov 11 to remain strong especially with his fight for the Filipino people.

The Senator said if she has a chance to talk with the Vice President regarding the corruption allegations he is facing in the Senate Blue Ribbon sub-committee investigation, she would advise her father not to attend the debate with Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on November 27 for he has an office to uphold.

Senator Binay also mentioned the court is the final arbiter on the corruption allegations being thrown against her father.

The ongoing investigation by the Senate on alleged overpricing of Makati City Hall Building II will lead to nothing according to Senator Binay. She also mentioned if his father is an impeachable official, why there is no impeachment complaint filed against the Vice president.

The senator also added that she will not be surprised if her children, nephews and nieces will be involved in the controversies.

Meanwhile, Manila City Mayor Joseph Estrada also believes that Vice President Binay has nothing to gain with the debate.

Mayor Estrada said Binay “should not stoop that low. He has everything to lose, nothing to gain.”

Mayor Erap fully supports the Vice President’s decision to refuse the Senate invitation.

“I fully support him on that because he will just be grilled there. What is supposed to be in aid of legislation is now in aid of election,” he said.

Estrada added “it is his call” whether to attend or not the next Senate probe.