Binay turning 72, wishes for end of black propaganda

Vice President Jejomar Binay who will celebrate his 72nd birthday on Tuesday, November 11 wishes for a clean politics and an end to the alleged campaign destroying his and his family’s reputation.

In Binay’s recent radio interview he said “My birthday wish is that I hope that these people destroying our reputation would finally wake up and end their destructive politics. I wish that we elevate our political discourse and elections, and not resort to lies and mudslinging.”

“Instead, we should present our dreams and goals, as well as aspirations for our nation. I wish for clean politics,” the Vice President added.

Binay has been invited to attend the Senate blue ribbon committee probe on the alleged overpricing of the Makati City Hall Building II and other Issues like the Rosario Batangas property ownership. However, the former Makati Mayor refused to appear to the Senate.

The Vice President denies all the corruption allegations against him and claims that the investigation is a means to destroy him and his plan for 2016 presidential elections.