Traffic enforcer selling delicacies for children’s tuition

A traffic officer who has a Gonzales surname on his jacket was reported to be selling rice cakes on streets. The officer’s photo went viral on social media. He is gaining both praises and criticisms.

According to those who have personally encountered the officer, the rice cakes he was selling is made by his wife and the money will go to his children’s tuition fee.

They also described the officer as polite and even do a salute before leaving.

Last October, a vague video of the traffic officer selling goods in a gasoline station along EDSA was shown in a citizen video report. However, after a week netizens posted a much clearer photo of him that went viral.

Some social media users questioned his act because he might be selling goods while on duty and while wearing his uniform.

Others said he is much better than other officers who are doing nothing while on duty and extorting money from motorist.