South East Asia’s largest wind farm now producing power in Ilocos Norte

The largest wind farm in South East Asia is now commissioned in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. The Burgos wind project covers 600 hectares of land in three barangays. Fifty V90 wind turbines of Vestas, world’s number one provider of turbines, are expected to produce 370 gigawatt hours (GWh) that can power two million households.

“We are happy to have met our target commissioning date, even a bit earlier than expected. This is a major achievement for us,” said Richard Tantoco, Energy Development Corporation (EDC) president and operations chief. Initial target date for completion was set by the end of November.

Successful commissioning means, the wind farm “is now physically connected to the grid” and is “delivering power to the transmission system.”

EDC Burgos Wind Power Corporation is an affiliate of Lopez-led EDC. EDC has invested US$450 Million in the said 150-MW wind power project and was able to secure a US$315 Million financing deal from Denmark’s export credit agency.

According to Tantoco, this natural energy will displace approximately 200,000 tons of carbon emissions annually.