Toby Tiangco: Binay should let campaign team make decisions for him

“We have been telling him that he should not be making decisions, and like in the United States, he should let his campaign team make the decisions for him,” United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) interim president Tobias Tiangco told ABS-CBN News Channel.

Tiangco said they have been discouraging Vice President Jejomar Binay to attend the Senate Blue Ribbon mother committee hearing tomorrow. “I will not stop until I’m able to persuade him not to attend the hearing.”

Binay wants to attend the Senate hearing tomorrow.

“I was against that press conference VP Binay held at the Coconut Palace, where he first responded to those accusations,” the UNA interim president added. “I told him that if we started responding, there would be no end to it. The elections in 2016 will be over and we are still explaining.”

Tiangco made Jack Enrile’s defeat in the senatorial race experience an example. “In Jack’s case, he wasted his time explaining his side in a case that took place 30 years ago.”

“If we lose voters, it’s not because we did not respond to bad news. It’s because we failed to present more good news,” Tiangco explained.

The Senate Blue Ribbon mother committee hearing is chaired by Senator Teofisto D. Guingona III. According to Guingona, Senators Pimentel, Cayetano and Trillanes will be permitted to ask VP Binay question if the VP attends.

“They would still be asking, but I control the proceedings. And I will make sure that it will be done with the proper decorum. We will make sure that VP Binay’s worries with the subcommittee, we’ll make sure that he will have, again, fair treatment, respect and ample time to speak out.”