VP Binay will not leave President Aquino’s team

”I have the highest respect for President Aquino and I will continue to be a team player,” Vice President Jejomar Binay said with regards to the statement of President Aquino that he can freely leave the cabinet. Binay is currently the head of Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) and presidential adviser for Overseas Filipino Workers affairs.

“If he thinks our decisions are wrong, he is free not to join us,” President Aquino said earlier this day. “If he thinks our actions are not enough, he should advise us. That is not a choice but an obligation for him as a Cabinet member.”

“If he has criticisms, for these to be constructive, he has to offer solutions. But I have not heard him offer solutions in our past Cabinet meetings,” the President noted.

Aquino made this statement after Vice President Binay criticized the national government with the current problems the country is facing.

Binay said previously, “Traffic is at a standstill in Metro Manila and other urban centers, worsened by an antiquated mass transit system. Poor planning and bureaucratic inefficiencies have unabashedly wasted the opportunities to improve the country’s transport systems. The brakes of MRT trains fail, doors fall off, and signaling systems dangerously stall.”

“Criminality is rising at an unprecedented rate, with an alarming number committed by rogue policemen. These require the attention of government now,” VP Binay added.

The VP also mentioned the impending power crisis, high importation of rice, and the deterioration of the peace and order in the country.