Six fallen soldiers stood loyal to the flag

Six fallen soldiers were named by the Philippine Army. These soldiers were killed in a clash with Abu Sayyaf group led by Radzmi Jannatul and a person called Katatung.

Among the fallen soldiers were Second Lieutenant Jun Corpuz, Sergeant Tranquilino G. Germo, Private First Class (Pfc) Rolando P. Entera Jr., Pfc. Freddie G. Pandoy, Pfc. Raffy E. Canuto, Pfc. Mark Anthony F Singson.

Second Lieutenant Corpuz, member of Philippine Military Academy class 2014, with his subordinates had a 45-minute firefight with the Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists Sunday. They were patrolling in Sitio Mompol at Libug village around 7:30 a.m. when the clash with 20 heavily armed terror group occurred.

“They were outnumbered, but persisted and perished as true soldiers loyal to the flag,” Commander of the Army’s 104th Brigade Col. Rolando Bautista said.

The Army will “press criminal charges against these bandits who are harassing the security forces that are deployed to protect the workers of the Saudi-assisted 64-kilometer road project,” Bautista added.

This incident was after the Armed Forces of the Philippines conducted ground and air attacks against the Abu Sayyaf last Saturday where no casualties from either the government forces and terror group have been reported.