Binay political ads soon on national television

United Nationalist Alliance is already on the verge of airing VP Binay’s political advertisements. “Definitely, we have prepared the ads. I was one of those who viewed and approved its final version,” said UNA interim president Navotas Representative Toby Tiangco.

According to Tiangco fundings to buy airtime from major TV stations will come from private donations and not from public funds. “When we get the funding for it, it’s ready for airing. The task now is to look for funding. As soon as we have the funds, we will air the ads.”

Tiangco also noted that the ads was scheduled to air earlier, however, funds were not yet available. “I wished to have aired it starting last Monday but due to lack of funding we have to move the airing until such time that we have the funds to pay for the ads.”

On the other side, Caloocan Representative Edgar Erice of Liberal Party previously said that UNA will air Binay ads to save the dipping ratings of VP Binay. Erice added that this is part of Oplan Maligno, an alleged ops by UNA to save Binay’s rating. He added that the so called Oplan Stop Nognog is part of Oplan Maligno.

The representative from Caloocan added that UNA, as part of Oplan Maligno, will revive issue on DAP and will magnify issues on power crisis and MRT to divert attention of the public from the alleged Makati City corrupt practices.