Senate Blue Ribbon main committee will invite, hear VP Binay

Senate Blue Ribbon Committee chairman Teofisto Guingona III said today that the main committee will invite Vice President Binay to attend a hearing regarding the alleged Makati City Hall Building 2. “We are going to issue the invitation within this week.”

According to Guingona, VP Binay will be invited to attend Senate Blue Ribbon main committee. However, the main committee chairman said it is not yet clear if the main committee will take over the investigation. “The mother committee will invite the vice president so that he can give his side. Right now I just want to take it step by step.”

The date yet to be determined depending on the availability of senators. Regarding if the date will be before or after the debate of Senator Trillanes and VP Binay on November 10, Guingona said, “I don’t have any idea of the debate. I am just proceeding independently. I don’t use the debate as a reckoning point.”

VP Binay earlier said that he will attend a senate hearing if the Blue Ribbon main committee will invite him. Guingona said that if the sub-committee insist to invite the VP, Binay may resort on going to Supreme Court.

“To avoid the clash of the institutions of the Office of the Vice President, the SC, and the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, I deemed it best that I will be the one to invite,” Senator Guingona noted.