Jim Paredes to Nancy Binay: What an idiotic answer from a senator

One of the three members of APO Hiking Society Jim Paredes said on his social networking site account that Senator Nancy Binay made an idiotic response. “What an idiotic answer from a senator. LOL. Can’t believe it,” said Jim.

Last week, Paredes filed a police blotter over a death threat from a certain Rex Vincent Tecson or Rex Bentulan Tecson.

Prior to the filing, Paredes made a post on his social networking site account criticizing Binay.

“Binay’s decision not to attend the hearings and all his moves after that have been utterly disastrous. It seems he has everything to hide,” Paredes posted.

Tecson violently responded through the social networking site, Mr. Jim Paredes we will look for your house there in Manila. The moment you mention Binay again you will be salvaged.

Senator Nancy Binay told reporters that her family does not know Tecson. Senator Nancy advised those who participate in social networking not to be too sensitive and must be strong inside. She said, “I’ve been bashed. I’ve been threatened on social media. If you participate sa mundo na ‘yon, I think dapat hindi ka sensitive, matibay ang loob mo.”

Paredes then made another comment on Senator Binay’s statement, “She should have condemned the death threat! It was clear I did not accuse them.”