Aquino talks about private meeting with Binay

President Benigno S. Aquino confirmed the private meeting transpired last week with Vice President Jejomar Binay. Aquino said they had a meeting at Bahay Pangarap for more than two hours reaching until past midnight. The President said they discussed topics from the current issues up to reminiscing about the olden times.

Regarding the investigation and allegations thrown to the Vice President, the President said he told Binay, “I can assure you will have all your rights and due processes. We will not countenance anybody manufacturing evidence against you. We will try to keep all the processes on a very professional level.”

Aquino also said to Binay, “The truth will come out.”

Senator Trillanes and other sources from Office of the President are saying that during the meeting Binay requested for the stoppage of Senate sub-committee and DOJ investigation. According to sources, Binay also requested Aquino to go easy on Former President Gloria Arroyo.

The Vice President was first to confirm the said meeting. “It was a friendly talk. You should know the President, especially when you are friends. No politics, no problems,” Binay said. “We parted jovially, laughing about the old days.”