Trillanes believes Aquino never trusted Binay

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said in an interview, “I think that meeting [between the President and VP] was an attempt at amicable settlement because he hit the President in the morning, and then tried to calm him in the evening.”

“He hit the President with the left, and then shook his hand with the right. But I’m sure President Aquino never trusted Vice President Binay,” he added.

The Senator noted that President Aquino will not call the Senate to stop the investigation on Binay. But if the President will, Trillanes said they won’t stop. “This is our mandate, we will continue to do this.”

He added that according to his reliable source from Binay’s camp, VP Binay is hiding Gerry Limlingan. “It is in the interest of Vice President to hide Limlingan.” Limlingan is the alleged “money-bag man” and acts as dummy for Binay’s assets.

Trillanes further said that five more buildings in Makati City will be scrutinized for possible anomalies. “This is covered by our resolution which carries the phrase, ‘all other related anomalies.’ So, all of this is covered.”